What kind of investor are you?

Be sure that your retirement strategy lines up with your investing style. Are you comfortable putting your money at risk? Do you prefer more stability?

The image below shows four things to consider to help you decide what kind of investor you are. Think about where you are on each line. If you’re more to the left, you’re conservative. More to the right, aggressive.

Retirement timeline: Are you far away from retirement or getting close?
Risk tolerance: Are you very comfortable with investment risk or not comfortable at all?
Income needs: Do you need income now or can you wait until later?

Growth needs: Are you aiming for high growth or more safety and stability?

Where do you fall on each line? And what kind of investor does that make you?

Image showing 5 investor styles. From conservative to aggressive, with moderate at the midpoint.
Image showing a retirement timeline continuum with far away at the aggressive end and getting close at the conservative end.
Image showing a risk tolerance continuum very comfortable at the aggressive end and not comfortable at all at the conservative end.
Image showing an income needs continuum with not needed now at the aggressive end and need income now at the conservative end.
Image showing a growth needs continuum of high growth at the aggressive end and more stability at the conservative end.

Investing involves risk. You could lose money. And there is no guarantee that investment objectives will be achieved.